Exempt Leave Calendar Management (For Supervisors)

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Learn how to review and approve leave reporting for exempt employees. 

Note: This article applies to supervisors of exempt (paid monthly) employees.

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Note: Exempt leave calendars must be approved by supervisors by the 5th business day of the following month. Exempt employees and their supervisors will receive PioneerTime email reminders regarding this deadline. 

To Open and Review Exempt Leave Calendars

  1. Log in to PioneerTime

  2. Verify that the correct pay period has been selected. Note: Exempt monthly pay periods close at midnight on the last day of the month. If reviewing within the first five days of the next month, change the time period to Previous Pay Period.

  3. Double click on the employee's name to open and review their leave calendar. To select multiple employees, hold down the shift key while clicking on each employee's name and then select Go To > Timecards.

  4. Use the black arrows to toggle between selected leave calendars. 

Approving Leave Calendars

NOTE: Once a leave calendar has been approved, an employee will no longer be able to record leave during that pay period. Verify that all leave has been recorded before approving an employee's timecard.

1. If all leave calendars have been reviewed and are ready to be approved, return to the supervisor screen. Review the Employee Approval column to ensure that the employee has reviewed and approved their leave calendar.


2. To approve a leave calendar, select the row with the employee's name or select multiple employees by holding down the shift key while clicking on each employee's name. Click Approval and then Approve Timecard

Removing Leave Calendar Approval

Note: Once a pay period has closed, you can no longer remove your approval from a leave calendar. A gray leave calendar indicates that no further changes can be made. 

1. Follow the steps outlined in the Approving Leave Calendars section until you get to step 2.

2. Select Remove Timecard Approval

Modifying Leave Reporting

Once the deadline for approving leave reporting has passed, supervisors can no longer make changes. Gray timecards indicate that the deadline has passed. 

  1. From the default Supervisor view, select the name(s) of the employee whose Leave Reporting needs modification. To select multiple employees, hold down the shift key while clicking each name.

  2. Click on Go To and select Timecards to get to the Leave Calendar(s).

    3. Find the record you need to change. 

1. Log in to PioneerTime.

2. Select the employee(s)

3. Double-Click the Go To menu select Timecards to get to the Leave Calendar view.

4. Use the guide below to make modifications.

5. Click Save to save your changes.

Timecard Color Indicators

Gold timecard: this timecard has been approved by the employee only.

Yellow timecard: this timecard has been approved by the supervisor only. 

Green timecard: this timecard has been approved by both the supervisor and employee.

Gray timecard: this timecard has been signed off by Payroll and can no longer be edited.

Please see the PioneerTime Supervisor Responsibilities and Approval Checklist articles for more guidance. 

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