PioneerTime Supervisor Responsibilities and Approval Checklist

Modified on: Wed, Nov 9, 2022 at 1:46 PM

Learn about the responsibilities of PioneerTime supervisors. 

This article applies to supervisors of non-exempt (paid bi-weekly) employees and/or supervisors of exempt (paid monthly) employees. 

PioneerTime supervisors are responsible for timely approval of timecards (for non-exempt employees) and leave calendars (for exempt employees). This requirement:

  • Ensures accuracy
  • Promotes accountability

Supervisors should not approve time records before the time is worked or before leave is taken. They must personally approve the time and/or leave records unless they have delegated them to another supervisor. 

Supervisors are required to make appropriate changes to time and leave records to ensure records accurately reflect the hours worked.

PioneerTime Supervisor Approval Checklist

Please see the PioneerTime Supervisor Approval Checklist below for a list of approval tasks that PioneerTime supervisors should go through each pay period. 


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