Editing Your Timecard in the PioneerTime Web App

Modified on: Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 1:43 PM

Learn how benefited non-exempt employees can correct errors on their timecards including adding hours, entering leave and removing a meal break.

This article applies to benefited non-exempt (paid bi-weekly) employees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do non-benefited employees edit their timecards?

Non-benefitted employees do not have the ability to edit their timecards.  Instead, they should send any edits to their supervisor who can make the changes for them.

Adding/Removing Hours on Your Timecard:

  1. Login to PioneerTime (click for directions)
  2. Click on Maximize/Restore Down button to expand the Timecard view.
  3. Make sure to select the correct Time Period.
  4. To Enter Time In and Out, click on the row with the correct date and enter the in and out times in the appropriate columns. Tab or click out of the field to accept the entry, then Calculate Totals (to see the changes applied) then Save.
  5. To Enter Leave Hours, add a row (+ button) if necessary, select the leave type from the Pay Code drop-down and enter the number of hours taken in the Amount column

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Removing a Meal Break on Your Timecard:

Use this process to remove a meal break from a shift that you have already completed.  If you have not yet completed your shift, use the section titled Cancelling a Meal Break to cancel the break.

  1. Login to PioneerTime (click for directions)
  2. Click on Maximize/Restore Down button to expand the timecard view (if desired)
  3. Right-Click on the In or Out time for the relevant shift, then select Edit in the Punch Actions Window. In the Cancel Deduction field, select All from the drop-down then OK. The automatic meal deduction will be removed.
  4. Click Refresh or Calculate Totals to see the change in hours then Save.

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