Reviewing and Approving Your Timecard on a PioneerTime Terminal

Modified on: Mon, Feb 21, 2022 at 10:11 AM

Learn how to review and approve your timecard using a PioneerTime terminal.

This article applies to non-exempt (paid bi-weekly) employees. 

Note: Non-exempt timecards must be approved every other week. Timecards should be approved at the end of the last day worked in that pay period. Non-exempt employees will receive an email reminder from PioneerTime as this deadline approaches. 

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To review your timecard using a PioneerTime terminal

1. Select View Timecard from the Terminal menu

2. Hold your DU ID card up to the DU ID Reader of the terminal

3. Select Time Period

4. Review Timecard. If any edits need to be made, such as correcting missed punches, please reach out to your PioneerTime supervisor. They will be the one to assist you with any edits. 

5. If you are ready to approve the timecard, proceed the instructions below on approving timecards on a PioneerTime terminal. Press the home key to exit.

To approve your timecard on a PioneerTime terminal

1. Follow the instructions above to review your timecard. If there are any errors, please reach out to your PioneerTime supervisor.

2. Select Approve Timecard from the Terminal menu.

3. Hold your DU ID card up to the DU ID Readerof the terminal.

4. Once you have confirmed your timecard is accurate, press Approve. Please note that once your timecard is approved, you will no longer be able to clock in and/or out for that pay period. 

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