Reviewing and approving your timecard in the PioneerTime Web App

Modified on: Fri, Nov 18, 2022 at 10:14 AM

Learn how to review and approve your timecard using the PioneerTime Web App.

This article applies to benefited non-exempt (paid bi-weekly) employees. 


Reviewing your Timecard

1. Log in to PioneerTime.

2. Click on “Maximize/Restore Down” button to expand the Timecard view (if desired).

3. Select the desired time period. (Bi-Weekly pay periods close on Sunday evenings. If you are reviewing and approving on the following Monday, be sure to select Previous Pay Period.)

4. Review your Timecard. Identify and correct missed punches, review all alerts, verify hours by shift and Total Hours in the Timecard Summary. Make sure any overtime is reasonable and accurate.

Non-benefited employees cannot edit their own timecards. For any missed punches or other timecard edits, non-benefited employees should reach out to their supervisors.


5. Click the Save button to save any changes. If you are ready to approve your timecard, please continue to the Approving your Timecard section of this article. 

Approving your Timecard

APPROVAL DEADLINES: Non-exempt biweekly timecards must be approved every other week. Approve your time at the end of the last day worked in that pay period. Non-exempt employees will receive PioneerTime emails regarding approval deadlines.

1. After reviewing your timecard following the directions above, click Approve Timcard to approve.

2. Once the timecard has been approved, it will change color to indicate the approval status.

Removing Timecard Approval

An employee can only remove their approval if their supervisor has not yet approved the timecard.

1. Click Approve Timecard, 

2. From the dropdown menu, select Remove Timecard Approval.

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