PioneerTime Delegations (For Supervisors)

Modified on: Fri, Nov 18, 2022 at 8:56 AM

Learn how to delegate supervisory responsibilities to another employee in PioneerTime. 

This article applies to PioneerTime supervisors.

Supervisors who will be unavailable to approve their employees' timecards or approve/deny leave requests may choose to delegate approval authority to another supervisor or manager within their division. 

To Enter a Delegation

1. Log in to PioneerTime

2. Select on Delegate Request on the far right hand side of your screen.

3. Select Manager Delegation

4. Complete the required fields and then click Save & Close to submit the request to the delegate. Please note that if you work in Athletics, Campus Safety or Facilities, you should choose the role that includes your division name (i.e.- Supervisor Athletics).

5. On their next login, the person to whom approval authority has been delegated will receive a new notification in PioneerTime. For guidance on this process, please see Accepting a Delegation (For Supervisors).

Is the person you want to delegate to missing from the dropdown menu? If so, first ensure that they are currently a PioneerTime supervisor. If they are, please submit a new support ticket so University Financial Services can troubleshoot.

To Remove a Delegation

Note: Only the supervisor who entered the delegation can delete it. 

1. Log in to PioneerTime

2. Select Delegate Request

3. The Delegate Request tab will open. If you have any existing delegations, they will appear here. Select Manager Delegation.

4. Select Remove Existing Delegation then Next.

5. Select the delegation to remove then Delete.

6. Click Close to complete the process.

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