Non-Exempt Timecard Management (For Supervisors)

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Learn how to review, modify, and approve timecards for non-exempt employees.

This article applies to supervisors of non-exempt employees.

Note: Non-exempt timecards must be approved by supervisors every other week. Supervisors will receive email reminders from PioneerTime as their approval deadline approaches. For further information, please see the latest Administrative Deadline Calendar.


To Open and Review Non-Exempt Timecards

Editing/Modifying Timecards

Managing Timecard Exceptions

Approving Timecards

Removing Leave Calendar Approval

To Open and Review Non-Exempt Timecards

  1. Log in to PioneerTime

  2. Verify that the correct pay period has been selected. Note: Pay periods end Sunday at midnight. If you are approving on the following Monday, change the time period to Previous Pay Period.

  3. Double click on the employee's name to open and review their timecard. To select multiple employees, hold down the shift key while clicking on each employee's name and then select Go To > Timecards.

  4. Use the black arrows to toggle between selected timecards. 

Editing/Modifying Timecards

Supervisors of non-exempt/biweekly employees have access to make timecard edits. Non-benefited non-exempt employees cannot edit their own timecards and will reach out to their PioneerTime supervisor if any edits are needed. Please note that only time entries in black can be modified. 

Please see the Editing Timecards and Transfer Sets (For Supervisors) article for instructions on how to:

  • Enter time onto an employee's timecard in the current pay period
  • Add or remove an automatic meal deduction
  • Enter time worked on an employee's timecard for a previous pay period
  • Modify/correct a transfer set
  • Remove or modify Leave Requests (for supervisors of benefited non-exempt employees)

Managing Timecard Exceptions

Timecard Exceptions (usually missed punches) will appear in the alert section and are indicated with a red icon which shows the number of Exceptions

1. Click the red icon in the Alerts section to view the pending alert.



2. Click on the exception to go directly into the employee timecard.

3. The exception (missed punch) will be indicated by a red box. You can then make edits as necessary to correct the timecard prior to approving.

Approving Timecards

NOTE: Once a timecard has been approved, an employee will no longer be able to clock in/out during that pay period. Verify that all shifts have been worked before approving an employee's timecard.

1. If all timecards have been reviewed and are ready to be approved, return to the supervisor screen. Review the Employee Approval column to ensure that the employee has reviewed and approved their timecard.


2. To approve a timecard, select the row with the employee's name or select multiple employees by holding down the shift key while clicking on each employee's name. Click Approval and then Approve Timecard. 

Removing Leave Calendar Approval

Note: Once a pay period has closed, you can no longer remove your approval from a timecard. A gray timecard indicates that no further changes can be made. 

1. Follow the steps outlined in the Approving Timecards section until you get to step 2.

2. Select Remove Timecard Approval

Timecard Color Indicators

Gold timecard: this timecard has been approved by the employee only.

Yellow timecard: this timecard has been approved by the supervisor only. 

Green timecard: this timecard has been approved by both the supervisor and employee.

Gray timecard: this timecard has been signed off by Payroll and can no longer be edited.


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