Editing Timecards and Transfer Sets (For Supervisors)

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Learn how to make timecard edits and modify transfer sets in PioneerTime.

This article applies to PioneerTime supervisors of non-exempt employees.


Entering time onto an employee's timecard in the current pay period

Non-benefited non-exempt employees can only clock in and out in the moment. If they forget to clock in and/or out, they are unable to edit their timecard themselves and will reach out to their PioneerTime supervisor for edits. 

To enter missed punches in the current pay period:

  1. Log in to PioneerTime and open the employee's timecard.
  2. Navigate to the date the shift was worked. 
  3. Enter the employee's start time in the In column.
  4. Enter the employee's end time in the Out column.
  5. Enter the employee's transfer set in the Transfer column. See the section below for guidance on how to enter transfer sets.
  6. Click Save in the top right corner of the timecard.

Canceling or Reinstating an Automatic Meal Deduction

When a non-exempt employee works over six consecutive hours, an automatic meal deduction of 30 minutes is applied to the shift. The employee can choose to cancel this meal deduction when clocking in or out, but the supervisor can also make this change.

To cancel or reinstate (allow) an automatic meal deduction on an employee's timecard:

  • Navigate to the appropriate shift on the employee's timecard
  • Click on the "In" or the "Out" punch
  • Right-Click to open the "Punch Actions" window
  • Click "Edit" to open the "Punch" window
  • Click on the "Cancel Deduction" drop-down
  • To cancel the automatic meal deduction: Select "All"
  • To reinstate (allow) the automatic meal deduction: Select "None"

Entering time worked onto an employee's timecard for a previous pay period

If an employee did not clock in and/or out for time worked in a previous pay period that is closed and no longer editable, a supervisor can enter in a Prior Period Adjustment. This is a way to account for the time worked, indicate that this time was for a previous pay period, prevent incorrect overtime charges, and have the missing time paid out on the employee's next pay check. 

To enter a prior period adjustment:

  1. Log in to Pioneertime and open the employee's timecard.
  2. Navigate to the current pay period.
  3. Select a line with no time entered on it or create a new line by selecting the + on a line with time entered on it.
  4. Select Prior Period Adjustment from the Pay Code column.
  5. In the Amount column, enter the total missing hours. 
  6. Enter the employee's transfer set in the Transfer column. See the section below for guidance on how to enter transfer sets. 
  7. Click Save in the top right corner of the timecard.

To modify/correct a transfer set

In PioneerTime, a transfer set is a code that determines which department is charged for each shift worked. Transfer sets are critical to ensuring hours are charged to the correct job when an employee has multiple jobs. When an employee clocks in for their shift, they should select their job; this will populate the correct transfer set in the Transfer column in PioneerTime.

If an employee does not select their job when clocking in, the transfer set will default to the employee's primary job.

Occasionally, an employee will not select their job or will accidentally select the incorrect job for a shift, and their supervisor will need to edit the transfer set.

1. Follow the instructions in Non-Exempt Timecard Management (For Supervisors) to open the employee's timecard. Verify that you are in the correct pay period. 

2. Click in the transfer column for the row of the shift being edited, then click Search...

3. In the Transfer pop-up window, fill in all available fields as follows:

  • Division: select the - - - dashes
  • Responsibility: select the - - - dashes 
  • Department: select the  - - - dashes 
  • Position: select the correct position number for the shift worked
  • Supervisor: select the - - - dashes 
  • EmployeeID: select the employee's DU ID
  • Open7: select the - - -  dashes 

    When finished, click Apply

4. The transfer set will now appear in the Transfer column. Note: this transfer set can now be copied and applied to other shifts on the employee's timecard. If this transfer is entered for a different employee, PioneerTime will populate an error. 

Removing or Modifying Leave Requests (for supervisors of benefited non-exempt employees)

Leave requests that have been submitted and approved via the Request Manager will appear in purple text on timecards. Purple entries cannot be edited or removed directly on the timecard. 

To remove or modify these entries, direct the employee to make the change following the instructions Removing Leave from Leave Calendar (For Benefited Employees).

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