Approving Time Off Requests (For Supervisors)

Modified on: Fri, Nov 18, 2022 at 9:46 AM

Learn to approve and resolve time off requests submitted in PioneerTime.

This article applies to PioneerTime supervisors of benefited leave-eligible employees.

Pending Time Off Requests (and Delegation Requests) will appear in the Request Manager alert section. When you have a leave request pending approval/refusal, you will receive an email from PioneerTime and you will see the red icon below.

1. Log in to PioneerTime and change your workspace view to the Employee view.

2. Click the red icon in the Alerts section to view the pending alert. 


3. Click on the request to highlight it. Click the Details, Edit, Approve, Refuse, Pending or Retract button to respond to the request.

4. Once action is taken on the request, it is removed from the Alerts section.

5. A window will open showing the details of the request. You can then confirm your action by clicking on Approve.


Comments in the Request Manager are tied to the specific request in PioneerTime. These comments are not included in email notifications sent between the supervisor and employee.

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