Approving your Leave Reporting at the End of the Pay Period - Exempt (paid monthly) Employees

Modified on: Tue, May 30, 2023 at 12:08 PM

Learn how to approve leave taken as an exempt monthly employee.

This article applies to exempt (paid monthly) employees.   

Exempt employees are not required to record hours worked. They are only required to record any leave taken, such as sick or vacation time. Leave taken must be recorded in PioneerTime by the second business day of each month for time used in the previous month. Exempt employees will receive PioneerTime email reminders monthly regarding these deadlines.

1. Log in to PioneerTime.

2. If you are also a PioneerTime supervisor, click on the "+" sign to open your Employee  timecard.

3. Review your leave entries to verify that they are correct. Review total leave hours in the Totals tab of the Timecard Summary at the bottom of the Leave Calendar

4. If all hours are correct, click Approve Timecard. Note: If you need to remove your approval, you may do so if your supervisor has not yet approved. Click Approve Timecard, then Remove Timecard Approval.

5. Once the timecard has been approved it changes color to indicate the Approval Status.

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