Employee Responsibilities in PioneerTime

Modified on: Fri, Nov 18, 2022 at 9:53 AM

Learn what non-exempt and exempt employees are required to do in PioneerTime. 

This article applies to non-exempt (paid biweekly) and exempt (paid monthly) employees.  

Responsibilities of non-exempt employees using PioneerTime:

  • Employees should ensure that all hours worked are recorded accurately in PioneerTime each pay period. Non-benefited non-exempt employees must clock in and out at the start and end of each shift.
  • Leave-eligible employees should ensure all leave taken is recorded in PioneerTime each pay period.
  • Employees should approve their timecard at the end of their last shift work at the end of each pay period.

Responsibilities of exempt employees using PioneerTime:

  • Exempt employees are responsible for tracking leave time used in PioneerTime. 

  • Employees should ensure that the leave time recorded on their Leave Calendar is accurate each month.

  • Employees must approve their Leave Calendar monthly.

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